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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who have thought that I was still alive.

Thanks God for giving me a very long life. Finally, I can put it in here to share with everyone.

I chose the title "Who would have thought that I was still alive". Why I choose this title?. You must be wondering. So, I have an explanation. It happened on 15 April 2011 on Friday.

On that day, the weather is quite windy and I don't think that something bad will happen. It happened on that day, there are guest who cme to my house and she brought some food for my family. So, we eat together. On that day, I eat a lot because it was a long time I didn't eat the delicious food.

After my stomach was filled with food, then I went to my room to relax my stomach because it has been working hard to process foods. After feeling a little lighter, I go to the balcony to enjoy the night air. At that time, I can feel the cold air at night that touched my skin. I can feel the freshness that can't be expressed with words. For a while I sat there relaxing while watching the beautiful sky at night.

What's more, the stars in the sky looked so beautiful. Suddenly, I began to feel uncomfortable, that is difficulty to breathe. I tried to breathe the best that I can. But the more I try, I'll be more tired and almost to faint. After that, I started coughing and I knew that I had an asthma attack. It's severe asthma attack.

Without wasting time, I stood up and then go to my mother's room and I told her what is happening. So, with the help of my neighbor, I was rushed to the hospital at 11:15 pm. At there, doctors and nurses tried their best to save my life. After several hours, my condition worsened and eventually I had to be sent to the Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah in the red zone, emergency unit.

At there, they make me look like I'm a robot or hybrid because my whole body is full of tubes. Then, I was injected everywhere and it doesn't change as human test subject. My blood was taken every minute. Although I am in a weakened state, I can still feel the pain.

Then, they put the oxygen mask on me so I can breathe properly and easily. At that time, I could feel a strange feeling when surrounded by many doctors and nurses.

In the meantime, I can hear the conversation between the doctor and my mother. The doctor said, my condition is very severe and if nothing change, They need to intubate and put me in the ICU. I myself was surprised by what I heard. After several hours in the emergency room, my condition stabilized and finally I was sent to the ward.

So, what can be said is..... I had to sit overnight in the emergency unit, the red zone. And, caused by severe asthma attack, I have to stay in the hospital from 15 April 2011 until 23 April 2011.

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